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Posted By KingCarl


'Holy War, Wholly War'

This 24" x 30" painting on canvas was done in May of 2007.  Its' inspiration came about after our then-current President claimed that he believed that his "god" told him to invade the sovereign nation of Iraq and overthrow that country's Dictator.  Another war started because of religion and inferior religious beliefs.  I firmly believe that no good god would "will" war or death on the peoples of this earth.  If we are the creations of something more powerful in the Universe (and I believe we are), then why would that entity, or entities, want its' own creations to kill each other?

I have stated this a few times before and I will share this again today, I am a Duotheist.  I believe we all have two Gods, The Mother, or female aspect, and The Father, or male aspect.  I have not always believed this because at one time in my life, I considered myself an agnostic.  But in April of 2004, I had an out-of-body experience that changed my life.  The change was not absolutely immediate, although the day after this happening I knew that my life was going to change and I also knew that next morning that I was at that moment a true believer in two Gods, our two Gods, The Gods of all living things on this Earth.  So when a politician here in the U. S. A., or a leader elsewhere in the world claims that the "god" that they believe in wills or declares a war or death on the people, or on behalf of the people, that is a false claim brought about by evil ideology.  Our two Gods are only GOOD, LOVING Gods!  They would never and should never serve as motivators for evil.  Our two Gods would never will or declare war or death on this planet, or any other planet for that matter.  All evil is man-made and ONLY made by man.  There is nothing evil about our two Gods!!!

We humans are given the opportunity to live on these earths so that we can understand the greatness of our existence and the greatness of the Universe.  We humans can continue to kill each other, but that task is a task of mankind's evil makings.  The next time a human being makes a claim that "their god" wants a war, know that that human is lying on behalf of their own evil ideology.

I am about to celebrate my tenth year as a fine arts painter and in that time, I have drawn much inspiration from sociopolitical events and occurences.  I am very greatful for my out-of-body experience that I had on the evening of April 30, 2004, because I was given the chance to change my way of living and believing.  I am indeed very, very, thankful!


Posted By KingCarl


'Candle-in-a-Box at the Beach'

Like the painting (Balloon Bordello) on my last blog entry, this is another one of the larger paintings that I have done.  Like 'Balloon Bordello', this too is painted on a 48" x 48" wood panel and was also painted in 2004.  I was living at the coast by the ocean, which served as the inspiration for this painting.  It appears that I used some of my brilliant five-year-old inside of me as influence for this, as well.



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'Balloon Bordello'

This painting is on a 48" x 48" wood panel.  I consider this size to be large for me, as I have done very few that are as large as this.  I painted this in 2004.  The shortest explanation I can give for the inspiration of this painting is "rumors and gossip".  I wanted this piece to have a child-like quality to it, so I summoned the brilliant five-year-old inside of me, that I have at times tapped into, to help me pull off an elemental aspect to this painting.  I have had some observers of this artwork view the "balloons" as spirits, and some other observers see them as animals.  As I have said before, the interpretation comes from the eye of the viewer and the interpretations vary, sometimes greatly.



Posted By KingCarl


'Party of One'

This painting is not only autobiographical, but also serves as a message to each and every one of us.  I could go into great depth about the meaning of this painting, or what I was thinking when I painted it, but I consider it abstract art so I will leave the interpretation up to the observer.  One observer of this piece said that she thought it represented the light at the end of the tunnel.  The message of the art is in the eye of the beholder.  I stated in my last blog entry on March 4, that the image I was displaying is very different from the original.  The image above, 'Party of One', is very close to being true to the original painting, but as with most of my paintings that I photograph, I usually add a little contrast and remove some brightness because that is what works best in the transition to the digital world.



Posted By KingCarl



This is my newest painting.  Titled, 'Revelation', it is on a 24" x 24" wood panel.  First of all, I must admit that the original painting is not as dynamic as what you see here.  The original is quite subdued compared to this digitalized copy.  After photographing the painting, I added fifty percent contrast and bam, this is the result.  This is in no way a true, or even slight, representation of the original painting.  But I think this is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  And there is a second note to this painting.  This is the third painting in the past two months that has a subtle hint of the letter K on it that was not intentional.  This one is larger than the first two (the K on this one is located in the gold area in the center of the painting).  On all three of the paintings the letter K is not visible on the originals, only after I have photographed them.  These three coincidences, I believe, relate to my designing a personal logo for myself that has a prominant K as part of the design.  Maybe I will have a revelation about the letter K.  I had originally planned on titling this painting, 'Revolution', but after I finished it, I wasn't feeling the revolution part, but I was feeling a revelation.  Perhaps I will have a revelation about a revolution and the letter K will play a prominant role in the revolution, if we see one in the future.  For now, I will stick with a revelation about the letter K.