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Posted By KingCarl


'Back to the Conestoga Days'

This painting came about spontaneously, without any source of inspiration other than I wanted to paint something "colorful and dynamic".  I think I succeeded with this one because I have had many observers of this piece of artwork tell me that it is a dynamic image.  And the full color is there, too.  I also think it is fun.  'Back to the Conestoga Days' is painted on a 20" x 24" canvas using acrylic paints and charcoal pencils.



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'Coat of Arms'

I am writing a book of fiction, tentatively titled, 'Creating carlWorld'.  It is a story about a worldly utopian society of which I am King.  As King, I have a castle on an island and this is the Coat of Arms for my island, and it is the flag that flies at the castle.  So, it could be said that the inspiration for this painting was to be an illustration in a book of fiction.  But, if I were to find myself, realistically, King of this Earth, with a castle on an island, this would be the flag that flies at my castle.


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'Island of Gold Palms'

I have a fascination with islands and especially islands with palm trees, which is what served as the inspiration for this painting.  My island painting is on a 24" x 24" wood panel.  This painting was done in August, 2012, so it is a relatively newer piece in my body of work.  The original has a slightly different appearance due to my use of metallic paints, but I'm satisfied with the transition to digital form.

This island looks a little small for human habitation.  If I had my own private island, I would want an island the size of Sardegna, Italy, so that I could make it my own self-governed, self-sustaining Country.



Posted By KingCarl


'The Intruder'

This painting was done in May of 2007 with almost the entirety of its' inspiration coming from ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  I threw in a bit of whimsy with the hieroglyphs.  The painting is done on a 16.5" x 26.5" wood panel.  This painting has served as a puzzle of sorts.  Some observers think that the yellow "sun disk with hands dropping ankhs" is the intruder.  Others have thought that the "mouth of stars coming in from the side of the painting" is the intruder.  But as I intended, the "large figure with upraised arms" in the center of the painting is The Intruder.  From there, I will let you figure out the rest of the story that this painting tells.  This image that is displayed on my blog is somewhat different from the original painting because I used some metallic paints on the original and they do not photograph true to form, so digital manipulation is required when photographing for the purpose of online display.  What I am presenting here is close, though.