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Posted By KingCarl


'Not So Supreme'

This week we learned that the highest court in America overturned a key provision in the Voting Rights Act of 1965.  Disappointing, to say the least, but also incredibly poor judgment from five outlaw activist judges.  In the majority dissent, Chief Justice Roberts stated that The United States of America is a changed Country since the law was enacted fifty years ago.  I could not agree more with the statement that we are a very changed society.  In 1789, when the Supreme Court was established under The Judiciary Act of 1789, the population of the United States of America was approximately 3.6 million people and the judges that comprised the high court at the time numbered six, although throughout most of the history of the court we have had nine judges serving on the bench.  The "changed" part of our society that I agree with from the dissent of Justice Roberts is that today the population of The United States of America is approximately 311 million people.

My own personal observation and opinion of our Supreme Court is that it is not-so-supreme.  I believe that nine judges are an inadequate number to serve in judgment of the laws of such a large population of people.  And this particular group of sitting judges is more like a five-headed monster, trying to drag our nation back in time by about seventy years while dismantling our Constitution to serve their own ideological aspirations.  Twenty-one justices would serve our Country better than nine and certainly better than the self-serving five that we have at this point in our history.  The Judiciary Branch of our Government is incredibly broken, which only mirrors the extreme dysfunction of the Legislative Branch.  Striking down Provision 4 of the Voting Rights Act was not this court's first decision in poor judgment for our Society.  Citizens United is another example of poor judgment brought about by way of ideological extremism from a few outlaw activist judges which just happen to be sitting on our highest court.

The Supreme Court of The United States of America is not-so-supreme, it is the Five-Headed Monster of our changed America of 2013.  


Posted By KingCarl


'Muslims In Morocco'

This painting was inspired by a photograph of two Muslim women walkng by a wall in Morocco.  Their burkas were white with black facial cloth.  A stunning image in photography, to say the least, but a truly inspiring image to be duplicated in paint on canvas.  Well, here it is, these two Muslim women in Morocco.

The King of Morocco mandates that all education of its' citizens is paid for by the State.  It used to be that only men had their education paid for, but that has recently changed to allow women to pursue the same education as men, at no cost to the citizen.  In comparison, look at how the United States of America treats education of its' citizens.  The burden of paying for education in America falls squarely on the shoulders of the citizens, and what an incredible burden it is.  Beyond high school, higher education is VERY expensive.  We are led to believe that we need an education to have a successful life, and while I would not disagree with that, look at the cost of education in America.  A four-year college degree now costs tens of thousands of dollars and most of this education is financed with high-interest student loans.  After a degree has been acquired, a citizen is burdened with student loan payments for many years and most have a fluctuating interest rate that keeps adding more dollars to the total of the original cost of the education.  This is not right for a society that refers to itself as a superpower.

So little love for the citizens of a Country like America and it is all for the sake of making money off of the people so that the dysfunctional cycle just keeps going round and round.  I have said this many times:  The United States of America is a very broken, dysfunctional society, for many reasons, but the education system is near the top of the list.  Morocco is not the only Country that pays for its' citizens education, I just used it as an example here for this post.

As for student loans in America, at the very least, a cap should be put on interest rates for any and all education financing and I'm talking about a cap of not more than ONE PERCENT for the entirety of the total cost of the education.  But, if I were King of America, I would make sure that ALL education in The United States of America is free for ALL of its' citizens.


Posted By KingCarl


'Mr. Peacemaker'

Our government is now going to send aid in the way of money and weaponry to assist the Syrian rebels in their fight against that country's dictator.  Here we go again!  Have we learned nothing from the past?  The United States of America should, for once, stay out of it.  We are going to help "the rebels" overthrow their evil dictator so that a civil war will be allowed to occur, with all of the factions and tribes fighting for majority control and many, many, many human lives will be lost in another bloody civil war in the Middle East.  The government of The United States of America has played this role before and the results are usually the same.  We will help overthrow a leader and help "rebels" take control, and the rebels will end up being just as bad, if not worse, than the evil dictator.

Another thing that amazes me is that we, The United States of America, is so hated in the Middle East and yet, outstretched arms with open hands are pointing our way as long as we send money, guns, and ammo.  Once, just once, I would like to see a leader here in America say "NO" to helping "rebels" in foreign countries who want to overthrow their evil dictator.  We have history on our side as proof that our meddling in other people's affairs usually turns out bad.  Look at Israel, Palestine, Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran, Egypt, and more.  The United States of America is a self-proclaimed Superpower, in name only.  We are one of the most dysfunctional societies on this planet and yet, we continue to go around the world inflicting our opinions and behaviors on other societies so that they can be like us, and for what?  Why do we continue to do this???  Why do "we the people" continue to allow our government to do this?  This is maddening!!!

I am not a Christian, nor am I a fan of Christianity or any monotheistic religion, for that matter, but I believe that Jesus Christ was a man that existed on this earth in a time of antiquity, and I do believe that he was able to usher in real change for the good of the people of this earth with his powers of persuasion, and He did so without the use of social media outlets that we have today.  I really do wish that we could see a real world leader, like Jesus, appear on this earth now to help stop this dysfunctional madness of war, death, and debt.  NOW would be a great time for an Incarnation of Him to make an appearance on this earth, for the good of all humanity!!!  Please, I'm asking The Gods nicely:  Bring Him forth.  I just hope that the people of this earth are listening.


Posted By KingCarl


'Island of Gold Palms'

Ten years ago, today, I painted my first paintings.  On June 09, 2003, I painted three 8" x 10" acrylic on canvas paintings that were inspired by a weekend spent at the beach with a group of people.  Now, ten years later, I must realize what I have accomplished, as an artist.  I have been very prolific, to the point that I have completed over 500 paintings and most of those are still in my possession, having sold about 40 pieces of artwork, most in the first two years.



'Little House on the Prairie'

I have been so prolific over the past ten years that recently I have decided to slow down a bit on painting, not for lack of interest, but more to appreciate what I have accumulated and accomplished, artistically, and to also focus more time on promoting and marketing my Empire Patterns.  Empire Patterns are patterns that are created by my original pieces of artwork, and the patterns can be printed on paper or fabric for which the possibilities of use are almost limitless.  You can click on the link on the left side of this blog page that will take you to, to view some of my patterns.

I am posting 'Island of Gold Palms', and 'Little House on the Prairie' because these are two of my favorite paintings.  Over the past ten years, one of the things that has encouraged me to continue painting has been the acknowledgment that I have received from people viewing my artwork and expressing their satisfaction at what they were looking at.  But my painting has also served, in part, as a type of therapy for expressing my sociopolitical feelings and opinions.  But I have also drawn quite a bit of inspiration from nature and the existence of our Universe.  My favorite time of day to paint is evening, from 5 to 9 p.m., and that is the time of day that I painted my first canvases.  So, on this June Ninth evening,  I will raise a glass of wine for my ten-year anniversary as an artist and make a toast in appreciation of all that I have accomplished in the past 120 months.  Thanks to all who have supported and encouraged me along the way on what has been a really fantastic, fun, and amazing journey!