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Posted By KingCarl

The Velvet Mouthpiece.

'The Velvet Mouthpiece'

*It, in this case, refers to the issue of atheism and monotheism.  Being a Duotheist, as I am, the issue of atheism may seem a bit complex, yet it is quite simple.  Any person who believes in less than our Two Gods is an atheist.  Just because Monotheists believe in one god does not make them "better" than the non-believing atheists, or anyone else, for that matter.  Monotheists are still atheists because they only believe in one god.

Officially, we all have two gods, period!  Our Two Gods should be referred to, in no particular order, as, The Father, and, The Mother.  They both have another name, but humans cannot reach the frequency required to properly pronounce their true names.  Their casual names for us earthly humans are Ray and Violet.  Ray, because he is a very bright light, and Violet, because violet is the most predominant color in her color spectrum.