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Posted By KingCarl


'The Fox and The Hunter'

This is one of my personal favorites in my entire collection.  I completed this painting from beginning to end in a couple of hours, max.  It was a very spontaneous painting.  As I have stated before, I usually name my paintings first, or at least have an idea of what I am going to paint.  But not with this one.  I like everything about this piece.  I like the colors, the mood, the image, the energy, the story.  The story being the one about the fox and the hunter.  I like to believe that this fox got away without harm.  Not very many people have seen this in person, but all who have, have been very complimentary.  'The Fox and The Hunter' is painted on a 23" x 46.5" wood panel.  I am putting it up for sale in a gallery soon.  I hope it finds a loving and appreciative home.



Posted By KingCarl


'From The Center of The Universe'

This painting was originally painted on a 30" x 40" canvas.  It is just as dynamic in person as it is in this digital presentation, maybe even more so, due to the metallic paints that were used on the original that do not translate to the digital form.  This image also serves a purpose in my fictional reality that is known as 'carlWorld'.  This is the official flag of carlWorld, which also acts as a clock because at each change of the season the flag is rotated a quarter turn clockwise.  This is how the flag of carlWorld should be displayed starting on the Autumnal Equinox and it should be displayed in this manner until the Winter Solstice, at which time the flag will again be rotated a quarter turn clockwise.  I am actually writing a book about carlWorld, tentatively titled, 'Oh, if I were King!'.   The flag, and many other subjects, will be explained in more detail, all for the entertainment of the reader.

Back to the real reality.  Happy Autumnal Equinox!  I hope that harvests of the passing season were bountiful and best wishes to all for the new season that we are entering.



Posted By KingCarl


'Anger Management'

With the crazy, messed-up world we live in, I often have found myself feeling quite frustrated with the happenings on this planet that are created by mankind.  So, for me, painting has been an effective form of low-cost therapy.  This painting serves as an illustration of how that therapy works.  It is easy, at times, to get angry about the conditions on this planet, but it really never does much good other than to serve as a release mechanism.  It is very easy to pick up a paint brush, dip it in paint and apply the paint to a canvas.

Today is the twelfth anniversary of September 11, 2001, and that day serves as a perfect example of the need for some personal anger management, although I had not started painting at that time.  But plenty of human created events have occurred since 9/11, namely two failed wars.  Just look at the conditions of both Afghanistan and Iraq today.  Afghanistan is no better, socially, today than it was in 2001-02, although, with American money, they do have a better highway system today that they did not have then.  But in Iraq, outside the walls of the Billion Dollar American Embassy the civil war rages on and hundreds of Iraqi citizens die on a daily basis.  Iraq will always be one of the greatest blunders in history.  Saddam Hussein should not have been the only person to be hanged.  Many people got away with not only the murder of hundreds of thousands, but they got away with many High Crimes, as well.

I hope I never see another 9/11, or Iraq War, or any other war for that matter, but if I do, I have my own form of therapy to help me deal with the anger and frustration that comes in the aftermath of such events.


Posted By KingCarl



I think that President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was a bit premature, although, understandably, it was optimistic at the time.  But the President's continued use of drone bombers to kill innocent humans for the sake of stopping "terrorism" and his beating the war drums against Syria's tyrannical dictator does not form a solid foundation for a person that was awarded a peace prize.  Too bad that Nobel Peace Prizes can't be "ungiven" and the prize money returned, because that should be warranted, in my opinion.

I had high hopes that the governance of Barack Obama's presidency would be more fruitful in the peace-making department.  But after these nearly five years of his leadership, I am questioning his actions on foreign policy matters.  I do not believe that drone bombings make America safer, but the bombings certainly make us more hated in the world.  And although I am saddened by the approximately 1,400 Syrian citizens that were killed by the use of sarin gas, we do not truthfully know who was responsible for the attack.  I do not believe that the "rebel fighters" are any better humans than the Syrian dictator.

Only once in my lifetime have I seen a President that did not invade another nation or bomb a nation's people and that was Jimmy Carter.  For that reason alone, I believe Jimmy Carter was one of the best Presidents that we have had in The White House.  Too bad that Barack Obama cannot share that similarity with our 39th President.  I do hope I see at least one more "peacemaker" President in The White House in my lifetime on this earth.  For now, I realize that I will have to wait to see if President Number Forty-Five might be the one.