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Give thanks for all that you have in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!




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'The King, and Stars'

I have painted quite a few paintings that were inspired by ancient Egypt.  I especially am fascinated by the hieroglyphs.  This painting is my play on a hieroglyph that depicts a King viewing a bright star in the night sky.  The King might be viewing the star from a window in his castle.  The King appears to be quite muscular.  This was not inspired by a specific hieroglyph, it was just an idea of what I wanted "my" glyph to portray, hence, my referring to it as a 'carlGlyph'.

I have never really felt a connection to ancient Egypt, although I have been fascinated by the intrigue that the ancient civilization instills in many people of our modern times.  So it is with some sadness that we are seeing the modern society of Egypt go through such turmoil at this time.  Hosni Mubarak might have been a dictator for forty years, but at least he had a mostly peace-filled reign.  If a society wants to have a revolution and overthrow "The Man", maybe it would be in their best interest to know what they are creating with the revolution.  Modern Egypt's third largest generator of income is its' tourist industry.  Unfortunately, since the revolution began, that industry has all but dried up, which means that much of the middle class that relies on income from tourism is going through tough times right now.  And since the military is once again ruling Egypt, with no chosen leader, things will most likely get worse before it gets better because of the frequent mass demonstrations that are accompanied by violence.

I, personally, have been to Egypt in late 2007, so I was able to experience the pre-revolutionary modern Egypt.  My time spent in Egypt was very near perfect, so I am very thankful for the experience.  Having seen some of the grand monuments that were built in antiquity in person has given me a greater appreciation of the accomplishments that were achieved by the humans of those times.  And the precision of the hieroglyphs is astounding.  If they could do that in ancient times, we humans of these modern times should know no limits as to what we can accomplish.




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'Holy Mary, Mother of Jesus, Who gets Mesopotamia?'

This 7" x 12" wood panel painting was inspired by the American invasion of Iraq.  As with almost every war in this world's human history, religion was used as justification for the invasion.  At the time that our military was invading the sovereign nation of Iraq there were conservative Christians appearing on camera and in periodicals claiming that the invasion of Iraq was "willed by god", and "Jesus would approve".  While those words and attitudes were beyond shocking (given that no modern-day Christian would know what Jesus would or would not approve of), the ignorance that associated those attitudes only helped plunge Iraq into a very bloody and long-lasting civil war, even though very few of those Conservatives would publicly acknowledge that what was happening in Iraq was a civil war.

Regardless of what now stands as history, this painting allowed me to express my opinion about The Invasion of Iraq.  This painting is my interpretive depiction of Jesus's mother, Mary, looking down from above as the light from the bombs in Baghdad capture the expression of horror on her face.  She was viewing a happening in our history with disbelief.  I am not a Christian, nor do I pretend to know what opinion Jesus's mother, Mary, would have held concerning The Invasion of Iraq, but as an artist, I used my artistic license to paint what I thought would be her reaction, if she did live on this earth in these modern times.  But what now stands as our history is that the United States military was irresponsibly used by a warmongering president to invade a sovereign nation in order to put its' tyrannical dictator to death.  As I see this painting now, it represents Jesus's mother, Mary, looking down from above at the wastefulness of those eight years of our forty-third President.  Iraq's civil war continues and the United States Government has a billion dollar embassy in Baghdad.



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'My First Sailboat'

This whimsical painting is on a 16" x 20" canvas.  In my younger years I loved sailing and even wanted to live on a sailboat, but that never transpired, thank goodness.  I no longer live in close proximity to a sailing community so I don't find myself around sailboats at this point in my life.  This painting was truly a spontaneous occurrence.  And I do realize that the sails on this vessel are not properly depicted as they would appear in reality, which would make this as much an abstract painting as it is one of a figurative nature.