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Posted By KingCarl

carlglyph:  Mr. Disenchanted.

 'Mr. Disenchanted'

 I once was asked “Why the long face?”

For on this earth I feel out of place

We wonder what’s causing the overheating of our globe

Man’s extraction of oil will cause this earth to explode

Our earth has a cooling system with a natural lubricant

The oil in the system, it’s the earth’s coolant

Massive explosion will cause great balls of flame

It’s all man’s fault and that’s really a shame

Extraction of oil

From under the soil

Will cause this earth to spoil

I'm Mr. Disenchanted, that’s why the long face


While discussing the truth of the warming of globe

The stripping of coal will help this earth to explode

Insulation of earth is what’s seen in coal

Some say moneymaking is only their goal

Coal is not a clean energy

Some strip it from earth and burn it with glee

Millions of years it took to produce

Give man just a while and of coal he’ll reduce

We’ll be left in the cold without insulation

Stop the mining now with no procrastination

But who’s listening to me, Mr. Disenchanted?

These wishes of mine probably won’t be granted

Yet remember my words come from me not

My Gods have told me why this earth‘s getting hot

For the reasons I’ve mentioned above, plus some more

With rising sea levels we’ll be looking for the shore

Ignore me, that’s okay, if you really must

But in my Gods words you really should trust

I’m disenchanted with life on this earth

That’s why the long face


So here I am now begging someone to listen

For my time on this earth; this is part of my mission

Stop drilling of oil, make that a goal

And also stop the mining of coal

With wind and water and solar we’ll see

Renewable energy is what it should be

That powers our earth that by gods we've been given

Of these goals I’ve set forth we all should be driven

To make the changes of here I have spoken

Please allow my words to serve as a token

Words of peace and energy I’ve hurled

Peace must come to all on this world

O, ye of long face

Mr. Disenchanted

That's why the long face


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