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Whistleblower On The Mount.

 'Whistleblower On The Mount'


 There once was a territory in the Middle East

For years, on hatred, its people did feast

With soil contaminated by blood

Once was covered by great flood

The contempt between its' people is quite a beast


 The Jews are anticipating building a temple on the mount in Jerusalem at some point in the future.  What kind of people would build a temple to honor their god on land contaminated by so much bloodshed?  Their god must not be deserving of better.


 There once was a temple-less people

Who wished the mount would hold their steeple

But much blood had flowed

 The wish was not bestowed

For the steeple of the temple-less people


 You would think the people would choose land that is rich in nutrients that give life, not land that is stained with a history of the bloodshed of war and hatred.


 With so much death, our earth is broken

It's more the land, not the people that's token

Blood ruins the soil

For this we all toil

We need peace on earth, of this I've spoken


   The roots of the peacelessness between the Jews and Muslims can be traced to religious intolerance for each other's religion, and claims of land ownership by way of gods, on behalf of religious beliefs.  These monotheistic peoples are living a life of fiction.  Blind fiction.  Monotheistic religions are the root of all evil, and ALL evil on this earth is man-made.



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