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Posted By KingCarl

Change You Can Believe In.

'The Almighty Dollar' 

It's too bad about the weak value of the dollar

So weak, in fact, it makes me want to holler

In carlWorld, our currency is called the Zero

Its value is stable, I'm considered a Hero

Our coin, the One, is stable as well

With the weakness of the dollar, I fear, we'll burn in hell

But I'll worry not, only time will tell


I wonder what's causing its value, so low

Maybe it's time those false words on back go

In carlWorld, we worship gods of two

"In God We Trust" leaves me feeling blue

Those words serve as memo to remember only one

We all have two Gods that placed us under the sun

"In Gods We Trust" would be more fitting

On one of our Gods, the Dollar is shitting

When each time those words, with my eyes I do see

I ask our two Gods why this has to be

Add a letter to those words and the value might rise

"In Gods We Trust", that would be wise


A Mother and a Father, it's just that simple

To honor our Gods, I'll build a large temple

No need for pageantry, no need for a wimple

When it comes time to honor them, just say thanks

And live a good life not filled with pranks

I hope the dollar sees an increase in worth

The world would be joyful, filled with mirth

Mirth means laughter and merriment, joy and glee

With a valuable currency, that is what we all could see

I won't hold my breath, for I might turn blue

But these words I speak just might come true

And we'll all acknowledge our Gods of two




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