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Posted By KingCarl

Candle Two.

'Earth Candle'

The talking heads that belong to the oil and gas industries want us to believe that "fracking" is a harmless procedure that they use to extract oil and gas more cheaply so they can provide these forms of energy at less cost to the consumers.  But I believe that the "harmless" part is absolute hogwash.  Actually, bullshit would be a better word because it is total BS.  Fracking IS fracturing of the earth, plain and simple.  All humans should be outraged that this practice is allowed to continue.  Fracking should be halted immediately, no ands, ifs, or buts.

Unfortunately, with our broken government that we have here in America the Beautiful, the energy companies spend massive amounts of money lobbying members of Congress to keep quiet and allow this procedure of destroying our earth to continue.  Meanwhile, water supplies are being contaminated by the chemicals that are used as part of the fracturing process.  Who's looking out for the people?  Aren't members elected to Congress to represent "the people"?  Representing the citizens means that one cares about the citizen's.  Representing the citizens means looking out for the best interest and well-being of all of the people.

I realize I am wasting my breathe in speaking out about this.  Congress members are bought and paid for.  Money speaks, fracking continues as does the destruction of this earth, and those that were put in power to represent the people sit in their ivory towers, silent, but well paid and cared for by way of taxpayer's dollars.  Stop the fracturing of our earth now.  Stop "fracking" NOW!!!




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