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 'The Crucial Fix'

I am not a Christian, Jew, or any other monotheist, but I do believe that a man named Jesus walked on this earth in antiquity.  I am a DuoTheist.  I call my "religious" beliefs Carlism, therefore, I am a Carlist.  Even though I believe that Jesus roamed this earth before, I also believe that the name of Jesus has been grossly misrepresented on many levels throughout history since his death.  I believe that Jesus was a "left-wing liberal" who set out to bring an end to conservative rule in his society because of the greed and waste of what he saw as "corporate capitalism" of his day.  Jesus upset the apple cart and he paid a price with his life, and the conservatives that ruled during his time felt the only way to "fix" the problem that they saw in Jesus, was to kill Jesus so he could no longer be of influence with his words.  For the conservatives back then, the crusifixion of Jesus was a crucial fix to what they saw as a problem.  I believe that Jesus threatened everything that the conservatives stood for as well as their grip on power during his time so they used him as an example.

Fast forward to now.  Many people do believe that we will see a return of Jesus to this earth at some point.  I personally do not believe we will see THE man that was named Jesus, but I do believe that the people of this earth will see a man that will represent a modern incarnation and embodiment of the man that was known as Jesus, only this time around he will have a different name and he will be here not as a god but as a representative of gods.  Think of this modern man as a 'velvet mouthpiece' for our Gods.  I believe that he will have a lot of answers to problems we have on this earth.  I do not think he will be able to walk on water, and while I accept the possiblity that he will be able to perform 'miracles', I doubt the tasks he can accomplish will be true miracles as we humans define them.

This earth inhabits many people that identify themselves as believers in Jesus Christ, but if and/or when he "returns" to this earth how many of those believers will truly "believe".  I believe that it will not be so clear cut as to He being Him.  My point is I believe that many who say they believe in Jesus will doubt what the man says when he appears and tells us that he is THE MAN sent here by Gods.  And I do believe that he will be here to bring change to humankind for the good of all humans.  That would make him a progressive individual.  And taking into consideration how broken of a society this earth is, he is going to need to spread his progress liberally.  One more thing that I believe concerning this matter is that I believe THE MAN sent here by our Gods is on this earth right now, yet to show his face to the people of this earth, yet to be recognized, yet to spread HIS WORDS.  His incarnation cannot come soon enough in this modern age.



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