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 'Through the Burka'

Wow, what a mess we have in Afghanistan!  Every day that passes the situation seems to get worse and worse.  In recent weeks we have seen images of our U.S. soldiers urinating on the dead bodies of Afghan civilians, accidental burning of Quarans, and a savage massacre of more Afghan civilians, including women and children.  Each time that something like this happens, the Afghans are driven to retaliate with actions of revenge which bring about more death of our military personnel and NATO "peacekeepers".  And all of this is taking place in a land that time forgot.  Afghanistan is perhaps one of the most underdeveloped nations on this earth.  And it's not for lack of trying.  For the most part, Afghanis are a barbaric people, by choice.  The word conservative doesn't even begin to describe life in Afghanistan.  The women of Afghanistan are forced to live in fabric prisons, to remain uneducated so that the "men" maintain the force of power in an incredibly sad existence.  I do not believe that the people of Afghanistan place a very high value on life, which may be part of the problem.  The Afghanis are eager to protest and kill "the invaders" when a few Quarans are burned, but then are satisfied to accept $400.00 from the United States government as payment for each family member killed by our soldiers.  Such is life, at least in Afghanistan.

And then there is the issue of taxpayer dollars.  Here in America, we have an aging infrastructure and a less than ideal education system, but instead of spending our money here at home, our politicians choose to spend our money in a place like Afghanistan where it is not appreciated by a large majority of the population of that nation.  We can spend millions and millions of dollars constructing interstates to allow easier travel within Afghanistan, but that will not bring civility to the people.  And we can spend billions of dollars of our money in Afghanistan to give the people running water and electricity, but that will not change the mentality of the people.  The men will continue to be the dominate "rulers" and the women will continue to live, uneducated, in their fabric prisons.  Until that changes, nothing we Americans do will bring about positive societal change in the antiquated, barbaric land that we know as Afghanistan.  Afghanistan is a black hole here on earth that we dump our money into.  What a waste!!!  There is good reason that Afghanistan is known as The Empire Slayer.




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