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'N.R.I.:  New Republican Icon' 

The Supreme Court ruled that the Affordable Care Act, or "Obamacare" was constitutional, and yet, the Republicans in the House of Representatives have taken more time to have a vote on repealing it.  I have to ask, "Why not use the time to pass job-creating legislation?"  Why do the Republicans in Congress waste more of our time with these ridiculous shenanigans of political obstructionism.  The Republicans are now represented by their acts of wastefulness.  Not only wasting time, but look at the money that is being wasted by the Republicans in both chambers on this nonsense.

As an analogy, Republicans in Congress are like rats in the attic.  The rats in the attic make noise, so you know they are there, but you also know they will only bring destruction by way of their chewing and defacating, not to mention the fleas and parasites and disease that they carry.  But unlike rats in the attic who can be trapped or poisoned, Republicans in Congress can only be gotten rid of by voting them out of office.

The hypocrisy of these Republicans is beyond reproach.  While the Republicans want to do away with "healthcare for all", they have some of the best healthcare in the world, provided and paid for by the very citizens that they want to deny coverage to.  And the association of linking "Obamacare" with socialism just piles on more ignorance on top of the outrageous hypocrisy and wastefulness.  The use of the word "socialism" to describe the Affordable Care Act only proves that many in Congress and on the right-wing have absolutely no understanding of Socialism.  NONE!  I've said it before and I'll say it again, there is nothing socialistic about the Affordable Care Act.  It is a healthcare plan for a corporate capitalistic society, and it is not "universal"  because it does not provide coverage to 100% of the population of citizenry.  If Barack Obama was a Socialist, he would have taken over control of all health insurance companies, and all major hospitals, made them an entity of our government and started providing ALL citizens with free healthcare.  THAT would be Socialism!!!

We the people have to deal with the "rats in the attic" this November and that means only one thing--vote every Republican in Congress OUT OF OFFICE!  Then, we could see a Congress that was not only willing to focus on creating jobs for the citizens of our Country, but also able to address many of the issues that we as a "superpower" should focus on.  Issues like fortifying our infrastructure, creating a truly universal healthcare system, ending earth-fracturing("fracking"), promoting cleaner modes of transportation that do not rely on fossil fuels, and so much more that needs to be addressed for the sake of making progress for the citizens of our society.  We should be a role model for the rest of the world.  But that cannot happen until we get rid of the rats in the attic.



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