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Posted By KingCarl

Flaming Balls.

'Flaming Balls'

Global warming is very real and solely caused by mankind.

Extraction of oil

from under the soil

will cause this earth to spoil

Stop earth fracturing NOW, stop all oil drilling, stop coal stripping, stop deforestation.  Oil that is siphoned from underground acts as this earth's natural coolant, it is what helps keep the temperature of this earth's core stablized, while coal is this earth's insulation which works in conjunction with the oil to help keep this earth alive.  And the trees of this earth act as a filtration system of the atmosphere.  So, if mankind is siphoning the oil without replacing it while at the same time mankind is stripping the earth's insulation and clear-cutting its atmospheric filtration system, what chance does this earth have of supporting long-term life.

The existence of this earth will violently end in flaming balls of fire when it overheats and explodes, which will bring an end to all life on this planet, and the ripple-effect will be the destruction of our tiny solar system and that is really a shame, because it will be all man's fault.



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