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'The Drunken Fury of The King'

This is representative of The King during the "Bush years".  That would be the second Bush's (43) wasteful eight years, as the first Bush's (41) one term was mostly innocuous, not as wasteful as the son's.  The King is usually a stoic individual, but those long, wasteful eight years, at times, proved to be too much for The King to contain his outrage at the lies and deceit which brought about a historic invasion of a sovereign nation, causing unnecessary death and debt. And the wastefulness lasted not only for those eight years, but we are still living in the aftermath of the effects. Those long, wasteful eight years stand as an indication of the very best that "we the people" can expect from a Republican leader in the White House.


'The Queen's Fury'

As for these two pieces of art, the story they tell is that The King was allowed an expression of emotions in an open manner brought about by a little too much imbibing, whereas the Queen was able to keep her emotions in check by way of her regal stoicism.  Well, that, and she never has more than two glasses of wine at public events.

I'm thankful for the gift of creativity and the ability to express my emotions through art.  I can't imagine how I would have expressed my outrage during those long, wasteful eight years if I did not paint.

In all seriousness, I have listened to dabates about whether George W. Bush was the "worst" President in our history, but as far as I am concerned that word matters not.  One thing that is NOT up for debate is that George Troubleyou Bush was the most wasteful President in my lifetime.  Not only was he a wrong, wrongful, wrongheaded, wrongdoer, he was a Wasteful Waster of Wastefulness Waste!  He belongs behind bars for the rest of his life on this earth, along with the rest of his cohorts in crimes.




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