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'Midnight at the Oasis'

I started this blog in the fall of 2006 with the intention of using it as a display and discussion of my art.  It quickly became my outlet for sociopolitical ranting and opinion, given that most of my art speaks for itself and needs very little, if any, further discussion from me.  Plus, I have many paintings that have come to be by way of societal and/or political inspiration or influence.  Today's post will have no part in that.  Besides, it's still May and I will have plenty of time until the election in November to express my political viewpoint.  Today,  it's all about the art you see displayed above.

This painting was inspired by a picture of an oasis somewhere in the Middle East, taken in the dark of night with a full moon and there happened to be a ribbon of clouds in the sky covering the moon that was being lit up by its' light.  The clouds were also picking up the lights from a city off in the distance, hidden behind the sand dunes of the desert, whch is why I added the gold (mixed with ochre) streak in the clouds.  Because of the ribbon of clouds, it was somewhat anomalous (for a desert oasis scene), but stunning nonetheless.  It appeared that the oasis was being viewed at a different time of day, not during the dark of night.  The palm trees and the water were capturing the light of the moon.  In painting this, I did not set out to exactly duplicate the picture, but to instead give my slightly-abstract interpretation of the photo.




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