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2012 Political Strategy

This post is an addition to my blog post of May 9. 2012.

When we citizens of the United States of America begin to cast ballots in the general election of 2012, we should all cast a straight-party Democratic vote.  Do not vote for a single Republican anywhere.  Not in any precinct from coast to coast.  This would serve two purposes, at least.  Purpose one would be to End Conservative Rule and because The Republican Party has become The Party of Conservatism and Conservatives, this would be the best way to bring an end to this host and spreader of inferior ideology and hateful bigotry.  Purpose two would be to essentially bring an end to The Republican Party.  I have always dispised our two-party form of government.  Why not three, or four?  By voting straight-Democratic Party, I realize that we would be giving the Democrats solid power for at least two years, but I believe this approach would send a very strong message, not only to Republicans, but also to Democrats.  The message to Republicans is that their misleadership is no longer wanted or appreciated by a majority of the American people.  The message for the Democrats is that a majority of the American people are giving control of our government to their political party, so don't sqander the position of leadership.  Prove once and for all that a political party that has total control can indeed make responsible progress for the good of our Country and its' citizens.

This message that I am posting is a bit early for the election, but I will repeat this again and again in the coming months.  This message will be very strong in October.  And don't let anyone tell us that voting straight-party is a bad thing.  Republicans are very quick to use this tag-line when talking to the general public, yet, when they are having their closed-door conversations with other Republicans, that is exactly what they tell voters in their own party, "vote straight-party".  That exact strategy worked for Republicans in 2004.  We the people can use that same strategy this year and sweep the Republicans out of power, perhaps for good.

One other tactic that we should engage for this upcoming election in November is to strive for a much better voter turnout.  We too often see about 45% - 50% voter turnout in a presidential election.  We should have 80% - 90% voter turnout.  IF we did have that large of a turnout, AND a majority of those voters voted straight-party Democratic, THAT, indeed, would be a "velvet revolution".  That is what I am hoping for come November, a peaceful revolution by way of the voting booth.  Call me an optimist.


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