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'Looks Like Twister Weather'

I have never experienced so many severe thunderstorms than I have this summer.  I do believe they are a result of the affects of global warming.  And I believe that global warming is directly caused by the actions of mankind.  Actions of oil drilling, coal mining, clear-cutting of forests, and fracturing of this earth for the sake of capturing more natural gas (marketed by the natural gas industry as "fracking").  All of these actions bring with them their own pollution that is helping to kill this earth.  All of these industries have so much influence within the realm of politics that it would take a miracle to halt these devastating practices, much less just bring tighter regulations.  I see no hope within sight, no light at the end of the tunnel, no savior for change, and certainly no self-imposed responsibility by these earth-raping industries.

I have posted about global warming many times in the past, so today is just more venting for me as I know my words will not have any influence on anyone, just people who will agree or disagree with me.  All the while, the raping and ravaging of this earth will continue and will only end when man has completely destroyed this planet to a point where it can no longer be inhabited.  I do believe the worst is yet to come.  The humans that are able to survive to the end are truly going to be living in hell on this earth.





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