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'How Appropriate That The Republican Party is Represented by the Color Red'

Voters should pay close attention to our most recent history of the past three decades and what it means to our society to have Republicans in control of our government.  Republicans, with their "conservative" ideology, have brought about a lot of death, debt, and destruction to, of, and for our society.  The Republicans have also shown us that their most glaring trait is hypocrisy, and that is not an endearing trait.  The Republicans, with the help of five outlaw activist judges gave us George Troubleyou Bush, and together gave us six years of unchecked, liberal spending for two wars that were passed off as "conservative values", along with abortions, gays, guns, and god.  Then there was the unchecked, liberal spending for hush money for the people labeled "tax cuts", so that the people would accept the historic invasion of a sovereign nation in order to overthrow the dictator because it was the "moral" thing to do.  The Republicans have a lot to be shameful about.  For the first six years, it was mainly their actions that caused the warmongering to really gain traction, while the wasteful spending just happened and happened and happened.  And now The Republicans want to blame someone else?!

The amount of American money that has been dumped in Afghanistan and Iraq is absolutely obsene, while our own society crumbles from neglect and "lack of funding".  The Republicans chose to back a "conservative" ideologue with a very liberal 'spend and spend more' mentality, and the 'spend and spend more' mentality came with nothing being paid for and no foresight into how the bills might get paid by our government at any point. Why is it that the Republicans don't want to remember, or be reminded of, those long wasteful eight years?  Perhaps, because those very wasteful eight years represent the ideological mindset of The Republican Party and its' Tea Party off-shoot.  It's more like The Republican Party Circus and The TEAparty Sideshow.

Now that The Republican Party and its' Tea Party sideshow have waged a war on Americans, maybe their organization should be renamed something more representative of their repressive and dictatorial ideology.  One idea that comes to mind is The New American Taliban Party (NAT) and its' Taliban Extremists Arm (TEA).

Vote Straight Democratic Party in November, 2012.

Lest we not forget about those long, wasteful eight years.



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