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'October Surprise'

I was really hoping that we would see an October Surprise this election season, but I am starting to lose my hope since we are now half way through the month.  Maybe my dashing hopes are just due to impatience.  Or maybe I'm allowing my hopes to be dashed due to anxiety that The Republican Party is going to win this election by telling lies and deceiving a majority of voters, as they have for so many elections over the past thirty years.  Politics as usual, at least for The Republican Party, but the level of hypocrisy we are seeing this time around is absolutely mind-boggling.

My hope for an October Surprise was for an individual to come forth and talk to the people about the truths of the past ten years and I want this individual to point out exactly how wasteful and destructive The Republican Party has been for our society.  Every single Republican in Congress should be voted OUT OF OFFICE in November!  Not just because of those long, wasteful, destructive eight years of George Troubleyou Bush, but also for the past two years of their do-nothing, obstructionist, bring-no-jobs style of governance.  Remember, The Republican Party campaigned in 2010 with the mantra "jobs, jobs, jobs" and they have done nothing to bring more jobs, only obstructed any effort by President Obama, hoping the American people would place blame for the restrained job growth on the President.  The hypocrisy comes because they are blaming all of their wastefulness soley on President Obama.  Are they going to get away with this incredible deception?  Are they going to be successful, again, in another election by using lies,  fear, and hypocrisy to regain power?  Or will a majority of American citizens reject the wasteful, destructive, antiAmerican policies of The Republican Party next month?  Wiith the way things are going right now and because of the effects of the incredibly poor judgement of the Citizens' United ruling, I'm feeling a little pessimistic about overcoming the Republican deception that seems to be clouding up the truth.  Repeat the lies enough times that it sounds like the truth to the ignorant.

I want to have a stronger belief in the good of America, but The Republican Party represents all that is bad in our society and they have won elections before by relying on the ignorance of the voters.  That is the very same political strategy that is being used once again-- tap into the ignorance of the voters and hope that works for another election season.  Smoke and mirrors, just like at a circus.

Even though we are half way through this month, I am still hoping that we are going to be introduced to an October Surprise.  I'm hoping for a wise and thoughtful man who will have enough charisma and clarity to help bring about a peaceful revolution by way of the voting booth.  I hope he is able to convince a majority of voters to vote straight Democratic Party on the ballot.  My belief is that Conservative Rule is the root of all evil on this earth, and here in the U.S. of A., The Republican Party is the safe house for Conservatism and extremists, much like the Taliban is in Afghanistan.


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