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'N.R.I.:  New Republican Icon'

This election should be a referendum on The Republican Party.  Not just for those long, wasteful, destructive eight years of George Troubleyou Bush, but also for the past two wasteful years of do-nothing, just-say-no, antiAmerican conduct of power and misleadership.  A referendum on The Republican Party would serve as a mandate for accountability for their irresponsible wasteful destructiveness.


Vote straight Democratic Party on the November, 2012 ballot.

Lest we not forget about those long, wasteful, destructive eight years!


Conservatives are quick to paint "liberals" as bad for our Country, but a more honest and truthful analogy is that Conservatives have done more damage and destruction to our society throughout my lifetime than any liberals have.  Liberals are also referred to disdainfully by Conservatives as "progressives", which is fitting and should actually be viewed as a compliment, given that Liberals want to "make progress" for the greater good of our Country and its citizens.  Conservatives have brought us an enormous amount of death and debt, while at the same time blaming others for their wasteful destructiveness.  This election is the time to END CONSERVATIVE RULE by bringing an end to the power of the true destructors of our society.  The Republican Party is the safe house for the real destructors, the Conservatives.


Vote straight Democratic Party for 2012!


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