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'New Texas Flag'

*One Amongst Many

Due to the unhappiness at the outcome of our very decisive re-election of Barack Obama, a very loud fringe minority group in Texas is wanting for the State of Texas to secede from The United States of America.  First, let me say that I was born in Texas in 1964 and lived in Texas until 1995.  That gave me plenty of opportunity to watch the "lone star" state become the psychologically dismal place that fosters this kind of contempt.  When I say it's a dismal place, it's not the land, it's the people.  I happen to love the diversity of the geographical state of Texas, but the psyche of the citizens of Texas is a self-inflicted mess, which is quite ironic considering that infamous motto of "don't mess with Texas".  They've done the mess to Texas themselves.  A more appropriate motto for Texas would be:  "Texas may be ONE of the biggest stars, but it is NOT the brightest!"  If Texas was to be diagnosed with a mental disorder it would be 'Lone Star Syndrome'.  There is no such thing as a lone star.  One of the things I liked most about Texas is the night time sky in west Texas, especially on a cool, clear winter night.  The sky is filled with so many stars that the milky way is clearly seen, along with millions of other stars that are visible to the naked eye.

Texas is a part of our union.  The population of Texas is approximately 26.7 million people and those people are citizens of The United States of America.  The number of citizens in Texas that have signed a petition to secede is approximately 120,000.  If those 120,000 American citizens are so unhappy living in America then they should give up their citizenship and move to another country where they can find happiness.

On an economic thought about Texas, even though it might appear to be a financially stable environment, it is so only with the financial assistance that it receives from the Federal Government and the Federal Taxpayers, which makes Texas a welfare state.  'Lone Star Syndrome' might empower Texans into believing they would survive without Federal assistance and that the oil supply would be endless, but that is a false reality.  The State of Texas gets far too much money from the Federal Government to try and make a go of it alone, not to mention that Texas would not be able to build its own infrastructure of military and security once the American bases are closed and the forces are withdrawn.  Texas would not be able to exist without a state income tax, so that would have to be implemented and then, how happy would the secessionists be about paying taxes to the State?

If Texas decides to go forth with its' desire to secede on behalf of a very tiny, ignorant minority then so be it.  But before they are allowed to take the land that is known as Texas, we should look into better uses for the real estate other than just allowing some anti-American extremist no-do-gooders to take the land for themselves.  We are called The United States of America for a reason.  It is time that we start acting like a united people and stop this very divisive behavior, even by the few.


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