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This whimsical painting was partly influenced by ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs.  This does not represent one single glyph, but has influence from several.  "Them" is a reference to the powers that exist beyond this earth, our higher powers, and is meant to represent a satellite.  But irony is served here as well because we are satellites, according to the definition of the word in my dictionary.  We are meant to be attendants, or guards, of this earth.  Which is quite sad, due to the fact that we are destroying this planet at an alarming rate.  And there just isn't enough concern for this planet by the common citizens.  Our politicians are bought and paid for by corporations so that the corporations can do their damage all in the name of profits and greed, everything else be damned.

For many years of my life, I have wished for change.  I have wished that people who ran for political office and became politicans would not become corrupted by the newfound power that they have.  But I have given up any hope for that idea.  It is a standard practice to run for office, looking for corporate funding so that favors can be repaid once the politician is set in office.  We have seen this practice for decades and at this point I cannot expect anything different.  I no longer make wishes for change, for the change does not come.  I no longer have hope that mankind will reject corporate capitalism, for corporate capitalism is like a virus that is sweeping across our world like a devastating plague that comes by way of greed for more money.  That is what capitalism is based on, desire for money, the more the better.  Corporate capitalism's success is judged on the amount of money that is acumulated by the corporation, and that success usually has its victims, namely the "little people", or those people who don't have a voice against the massive, devastating greed of the plague that is capitalism.

We the people need a huge shakeup in our political system.  I'm talking about the three branches of our Government, as well as the politics of our "two-party" system.  I am beyond bitter, at this point.  I am incredibly disenchanted, and I do not have any hope of this changing any time soon, for I am just one small voice and who's listening to me?





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