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I have an observation about modern artists.  In my observations, I have noticed that commercially successful artists basically create the same painting over and over and over.  The subject matter might vary a little bit, but usually, if you've seen one you've seen them all.  Right now, at this point in time, our local community has two artists that seem to be able to sell a lot of paintings, but each one has their own style and they proliferate paintings for the sake of money, creating the same tired theme over and over.  Financially successful, perhaps, but why be an artist just for the sake of creating a lot of paintings just to say that you have made a lot of money?  Art historians refer to this type of artist as art whores.  I don't want to mention these artists by name because that would diminish my point, because there are other artists that do the same thing, but these two are local artists and I see their "work" quite a bit.  Just because an artist decides that they can complete a painting in fifteen minutes and then sell it for $1200-$1500 does not define a "good" artist.  Good business, maybe, because they are able to find people willing to pay those prices, but I have seen art by artists that only took fifteen to twenty minutes to paint, sold for $300 and was much more a work of art than just a money-making statement.

My recent observations have given me the opportunity to look at my own art collection.  I am self-taught.  I really have not had an inspirational influence by way of another artist.  My inspiration has come from many differnt sources:  sunsets, the moon, nature, sociopolitics, human nature, ancient Egypt, and more.  I started painting in June of 2003 and have been very prolific, with over 500 paintings in my possesion at this time.  I have sold about 35 paintings, almost all within the first year without any promotion on my part.  I look at it as beginner's luck.  I feel confident that I will sell more of my art in the future, but I feel no rush just for the sake of making money.  Don't get me wrong, I would love to sell some of my art, but I find more satisfaction in selling my paintings to people who really appreciate the subject matter that I try to capture in each piece of work than just making money.  That is probably why I will continue to be an example of a starving artist.  But looking at my entire body of work, as an artist, I can say that no two of my paintings are alike.  I have done a few series that contained multiple paintings, but even those are individually different.

I am in the process of redoing my website for my art.  My reworked site will include the size of the painting and the material that it's painted on.  I'll give notification here on this blog when my new site is complete.

My painting that I have displayed above, 'HELP', is one of my most coveted pieces of artwork.  It represents my first use of a trowel or spatula on a painting.  And that little face was influenced by a specific ancient Egyptian hieroglyph.



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