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'Star Light, Star Bright'

President Obama gave his second inauguration speech yesterday at his swearing in, and in terms of presidential goals it was quite progressive.  That means he wants to make progress for our society.  Treating all people equally, members of Congress coming together for the good of our Country, addressing global warming, reworking our convoluted tax system, immigration reform, and more.  That is a very optimistic agenda for a sitting President's second term, especially considering that the Republicans in both chambers have their own agenda of obstructionism, regardless of the cost to our Country and its' citizens.

I personally thought that President Obama gave a great inaugural speech for his hstorical second inauguration, but he has a lot to accomplish in a very short time.  He has slightly less than two years to accomplish his stated goals, unless the Democrats are somehow able to keep the Senate and regain control of the House of Representatives in 2014.  If that scenario occurs, then he just might be able to accomplish quite a bit, securing a legacy as one of our greatest Presidents in the history of our democracy.

President Obama's goals are ambitious, to say the least, but if he is able to bring about a renewed spirit of bipartisanship in Washington, D.C.,  we the people will all be better because of it. But I'm not holding my breath.  After all, Washington, D.C. is not known for rapid change and I truly doubt that the Republicans in Congress are going to start working for the good of the American people overnight.  They have too much animosity towards President Obama.  Besides, considering American politics of today, the Republicans believe that working with President Obama and the Democrats would not sit well with their "base".

I wish President Obama the very best of wishes in accomplishing his goals that he has set out for his second term as President of our United States of America.  I believe he honestly is trying to help our Country be a better society, not just for his daughters, but for all of us.  I believe he truly understands the words "We The People".  Too bad the Republicans, with their Tea Party cohorts, do not understand those three words.

With the wishes for the President comes wishes for the Republicans in Congress.  I wish the Republicans in both the House and the Senate can rediscover what it means to be patriotic to our Country and start working with President Obama and the Democrats for the good of We The People, not just for the sake of their own inferior, ignorant, hateful ideology.  These wishes are mine, but I won't be holding my breath.  I'm just wishing for better leadership from all of those elected officials in Washington, D.C., and a renewed spirit of bipartisanship for the good of all of us.


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