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This is my newest painting.  Titled, 'Revelation', it is on a 24" x 24" wood panel.  First of all, I must admit that the original painting is not as dynamic as what you see here.  The original is quite subdued compared to this digitalized copy.  After photographing the painting, I added fifty percent contrast and bam, this is the result.  This is in no way a true, or even slight, representation of the original painting.  But I think this is absolutely gorgeous, if I do say so myself.  And there is a second note to this painting.  This is the third painting in the past two months that has a subtle hint of the letter K on it that was not intentional.  This one is larger than the first two (the K on this one is located in the gold area in the center of the painting).  On all three of the paintings the letter K is not visible on the originals, only after I have photographed them.  These three coincidences, I believe, relate to my designing a personal logo for myself that has a prominant K as part of the design.  Maybe I will have a revelation about the letter K.  I had originally planned on titling this painting, 'Revolution', but after I finished it, I wasn't feeling the revolution part, but I was feeling a revelation.  Perhaps I will have a revelation about a revolution and the letter K will play a prominant role in the revolution, if we see one in the future.  For now, I will stick with a revelation about the letter K.


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