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Posted By KingCarl

'Fracking Sadness'

"Fracking" should not be allowed to happen.


1.  The word "fracking" is a mask for the true devastation that is, in reality, Hydraulic Fracturing of Our Earth.  The word "fracking" was created as a marketing ploy so that the Hydraulic Earth Fracturing Industry could dress up its destructive activities in something other than truth so that the masses of humanity would not be too interested in paying attention to the real devastation which is contaminating humanity's natural resources of this earth, namely, our underground water supply.

2.  Greed of profits by those that work in the Hydraulic Earth Fracturing Industry, regardless of how destructive their actions are to this earth and its' inhabitants.  Profits, profits, profits.

3.  The Hydraulic Earth Fracturing Industry is progressing its' onslaught on our lands by way of politicians who are being wined and dined, and bought, by the "energy companies" for helping ease any regulations that were in place against the Hydraulic Fracturing of our Earth.

4.  Hydraulic Earth Fracturing is an environmental disaster.

5.  Hydraulic Earth Fracturing is happening everywhere.

6.  Our villages will look like Chernobyl  when the Hydraulic Earth Fracturing Industry has finished raping the land (for their own profit).



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