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I think that President Barack Obama's Nobel Peace Prize was a bit premature, although, understandably, it was optimistic at the time.  But the President's continued use of drone bombers to kill innocent humans for the sake of stopping "terrorism" and his beating the war drums against Syria's tyrannical dictator does not form a solid foundation for a person that was awarded a peace prize.  Too bad that Nobel Peace Prizes can't be "ungiven" and the prize money returned, because that should be warranted, in my opinion.

I had high hopes that the governance of Barack Obama's presidency would be more fruitful in the peace-making department.  But after these nearly five years of his leadership, I am questioning his actions on foreign policy matters.  I do not believe that drone bombings make America safer, but the bombings certainly make us more hated in the world.  And although I am saddened by the approximately 1,400 Syrian citizens that were killed by the use of sarin gas, we do not truthfully know who was responsible for the attack.  I do not believe that the "rebel fighters" are any better humans than the Syrian dictator.

Only once in my lifetime have I seen a President that did not invade another nation or bomb a nation's people and that was Jimmy Carter.  For that reason alone, I believe Jimmy Carter was one of the best Presidents that we have had in The White House.  Too bad that Barack Obama cannot share that similarity with our 39th President.  I do hope I see at least one more "peacemaker" President in The White House in my lifetime on this earth.  For now, I realize that I will have to wait to see if President Number Forty-Five might be the one.



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