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'The Fox and The Hunter'

This is one of my personal favorites in my entire collection.  I completed this painting from beginning to end in a couple of hours, max.  It was a very spontaneous painting.  As I have stated before, I usually name my paintings first, or at least have an idea of what I am going to paint.  But not with this one.  I like everything about this piece.  I like the colors, the mood, the image, the energy, the story.  The story being the one about the fox and the hunter.  I like to believe that this fox got away without harm.  Not very many people have seen this in person, but all who have, have been very complimentary.  'The Fox and The Hunter' is painted on a 23" x 46.5" wood panel.  I am putting it up for sale in a gallery soon.  I hope it finds a loving and appreciative home.



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