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'The Second Coming'

As King of carlWorld, I would like to express my thoughts on what is happening in the Congress of The United States of America at this time.  I think that the Republicans in both houses are fully to blame for this unnecessary government shutdown and are being very childish, at the least.  But their childish behavior is incredibly dangerous for a Country that calls itself a Superpower.  If I, King Carl, had any power in the real world, I would declare The Tea Party an economic terrorist organization and identify it as an Enemy of The State.  Once I made my declaration official, which would be immediately, The Tea Party and anyone associated with or identified as a Tea Party member or sympathizer would be an economic terrorist.  Since it is already illegal (in carlWorld) for terrorists to hold public office, all Tea Party members of Congress would be immediately resigned from office, temporary representatives from another political party would be chosen to represent the constituents of the Tea Party Terrorists in Congress until the next elections in 2014.

The Tea Party is a sub-party of The Republican Party and if The Republican Party continues to act as an umbrella to shade the Tea Party from the sunlight of truth and reality, then that would mean that The Republican Party is aiding and abetting an Enemy of The State and would therefore become, by way of a Declaration of The King, a terrorist organization, as well.  But, as King, my advice to the members who identify themselves as Republican, it is in their best interest to not provide any support, financially or otherwise, for the "tea bagger terrorists".

As King of carlWorld, I am able to draw distinction between my fictitious "world" of carlWorld and the reality of the real world.  However, that does not change my opinion about what is happening in the Congress of The United States of America at this time.  As a citizen of The United States, I believe that The Department of Homeland Security should place the label of Economic Terrorists' Organization on The Tea Party and it should become an Enemy of The State.  Once that is done, all  members of Congress in both Houses that are identified as Tea Party members should be immediately kicked out of Congress, a temporary replacement from a different political party shall be chosen to represent the constituents of the ousted Tea Party Terrorists until the elections of 2014.  This goes for ALL Tea Party Terrorists in both the House of Representatives as well as the United States Senate.  From the time that the Tea Party Terrorists are kicked out of office till the time of their deaths they should never be allowed to hold public office, in any capacity, ever again.

I do realize that what I think should happen will NEVER happen in reality, because there is not a single person in our Government that has the courage or backbone to label The Tea Party an Organization of Economic Terrorists, even if it is true.  Politics is a Brotherhood, after all. 


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