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'Woman in Winter'

This painting is so totally appropriate right now considering the incredibly frigid weather that is happening across most of the United States.  The predicted low for my area tonight is -3 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be the coldest temperature that I have ever experienced.  And yet, I realize that people in the middle and northern parts of the Country are experiencing temperatures of 40 to 60 degrees below zero, which, to me, is mind-boggling.  I wish I had a vacation home on the Yucatan Peninsula a block from the beach, because that is where I would be right now.  But I do not, so I will have to live through the reality of a wind chill factor of around -25 degrees.  Best wishes to all that are experiencing this "polar vortex" and stay safe people.

'Woman in Winter' is one of two completed paintings that I have done on paper.  The other painting, shown below, is titled, 'Little Miss Disappointed'.  Both are painted on 8" x 10" presentation paper.  Shown together, they represent fire and ice.  These are two of my favorite paintings that I have done.


 'Little Miss Disappointed'

She is disappointed because there is a smudge on her canvas.



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