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'Island of Gold Palms'


It's about wealth, riches, and fortune.


Acrylic on wood panel, 24" x 24".


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"Bitter!  Party of,!!"

Acrylic on wood panel, 24" x 24".



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'N.R.I.:  New Republican Icon'


Vote the Republicans OUT of office this election!




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'The Heart of Our Demons'

24" x 24" acrylic on wood panel.

In my opinion, Hydraulic Earth Fracturing should be made illegal here in the United States of America.  Actually, it should be made illegal everywhere on this earth.  Hydraulic Earth Fracturing is not only destroying our planet, the horribly poisonous chemical cocktail that is used along with the enormously wasteful amounts of water to fracture the crust of this earth, in order to release more natural gas, is contaminating the drinking water supply of the human inhabitants and the rest of the living creatures of this world.  And all of this is being allowed to happen so that the Oil and Gas Industries can make enormous profits.  Also part of my opinion on this subject is that EVERY company and corporation that has been involved with the hydraulic fracturing of our Earth should be fined very heavily for the damages that have been inflicted on this planet by their destructive activities.

Say "NO" to fracking and End Hydraulic Earth Fracturing now!!!


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'Off Center'

24" x 24" acrylic on wood panel.


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'Where Hides Sleep'

This painting looks quite different in person, but it does look good as this digital image, as well.  'Where Hides Sleep' captures a lot of attention, now that it is on public display.  This painting was inspired by dreams, because I love to dream.


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'Light at the Beginning of the Tunnel'

This 24" x 24" acrylic on wood panel is a newer painting that does represent a new direction, of sorts, for my art.  Almost all of my art has been painted in the evening time, however, this one was painted entirely during daylight hours.  That might explain the "brightness" of all the gold.  While I have painted bright paintings before, this one stands out as unique among my body of art work.  Because this piece is being exhibited in an art gallery it has been visible to a large audience and has received quite a bit of high praise.


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'Smokey Topaz'

Acrylic and charcoal, 24" x 24" wood panel.

Happy Spring!


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Check Your Halo



Check your halo!



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'Woman in Winter'

This painting is so totally appropriate right now considering the incredibly frigid weather that is happening across most of the United States.  The predicted low for my area tonight is -3 degrees Fahrenheit, which will be the coldest temperature that I have ever experienced.  And yet, I realize that people in the middle and northern parts of the Country are experiencing temperatures of 40 to 60 degrees below zero, which, to me, is mind-boggling.  I wish I had a vacation home on the Yucatan Peninsula a block from the beach, because that is where I would be right now.  But I do not, so I will have to live through the reality of a wind chill factor of around -25 degrees.  Best wishes to all that are experiencing this "polar vortex" and stay safe people.

'Woman in Winter' is one of two completed paintings that I have done on paper.  The other painting, shown below, is titled, 'Little Miss Disappointed'.  Both are painted on 8" x 10" presentation paper.  Shown together, they represent fire and ice.  These are two of my favorite paintings that I have done.


 'Little Miss Disappointed'

She is disappointed because there is a smudge on her canvas.



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In Celebration Of...2

'In Celebration of...'

...the New Year!

Happy New Year to all, and to all, best wishes for a healthy, happy, and prosperous 2014!




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Whistleblower On The Mount.

'Whistleblower on the Mount'

    The burden of being a self-declared superpower is that you set yourself up for failure because one is not able to fulfill the true definition of the word "superpower".  A true superpower would have the very best of everything, better than everyone else.  A true Superpower would have the best banking system, the best universal healthcare system, the best transportation systems, the best education system, the best energy policy, the best trade policies, and the best society by way of nonexistent violent crime and more responsible drug and gun policy.  Those are some of the virtues of a "true" superpower.

I look at the "state of us", the society known as The United States of America, and I have to wonder why anyone would refer to the U.S. as a "superpower".  Delusional, much?  At this point in our history, as a Nation, The United States of America does not have the best banking system in the world, nor do we have "universal" healthcare.  Instead of universal healthcare, we have the Affordable Care Act, which is the perfect accompaniment to the banking system that we have in place.  If the banking system is inferior, then why have a healthcare system that surpasses that?  And we might be one of the only "wealthy" nations on the planet that does not take care of its infrastructure.  As a nation, we have virtually no national mass transit system.  Mass transit is left to the states, which is why mass transit systems vary state-to-state.  Again, not universal in its scope as a nation.  If we adopted the mantra, "Everything Universal", everything is for everyone, there are no exceptions, then we might become a better society.

We are on the precipice of true change.  If you thought that the elections of 2008-2012 were all important game-changer elections, then just look at what the turnout of the elections of 2014-16 could mean to our society.  We could give the first dark-skinned President unbridled power to fulfill his "vision" for our future, paving the way for the first female President.  Or we could choose a path much darker and more sinister.  Thoughts, these are only thoughts.  We are so far away from the elections of 2014, it might as well be a lifetime.  Regardless of what the outcome of the elections of 2014, we really need to start acting like a superpower.  We might choose to call ourselves a "superpower", but that only makes us a self-imposed superpower, in name only, because, as of today, we as a society do not represent a "superpower".  We have a long way to go to achieve that true status.


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'The Almighty Dollar'

We made it through another Thanksgiving Day, which is one of my favorite days of the year.  But that is followed by three of my least favorite days, "black Friday", "small business Saturday", and "cyber Monday".  They are not my least favorite because I dislike small business, but because corporate capitalism has overshadowed the meaning of Thanksgiving.  Our society has an obsession with the almighty dollar.  It rules everything we do and everything that we are about.  I am all for making a decent living in order to pay my bills, but for crying out loud, do we have to spend every minute of every day thinking about making more money, all year long?  Can't we take a break?  We count down the days between Thanksgiving Day and Christmas by the number of shopping days between the two holidays.  That is really sad.  But what else can be expected from a corporate capitalistic society such as us.  We have a lot to be thankful for, but, personally, I do not think that corporate capitalism is anything to be thankful for.  We, as a society, need to change, for the better, and we can only do that if we can escape the suffocating grasp of corporate capitalism.


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Give thanks for all that you have in your life.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!